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The Traveler

After 20 year’s experiences at Tobacco World traveling through diverse countries, visiting tobacco shops and doing cigar tastings, Emiliano Lagos decided this 2017 to launch his own cigar brand. The Traveler cigar is a tribute for the travelers worldwide, to the cultural diversity of countries and cities visited during Emiliano’s journey, as well as the experiences lived in every place that remain expressed on every Limited Edition cigar box with 24 cigars (with original Emiliano’s passport seals).

After two years this Project was finally developed, taking care on every detail and doing a strict tobacco leaves selection from every country region selected for The Traveler blend with the result of a cigar for connoisseur smokers that can enjoy a medium strength, full flavor on a 100% handmade cigars produced carefully with passion and proud by selected master blenders in Nicaragua, “the cigars Paradise place”.

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