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Carlos torano

Over four generations, the Toraño family has come to play a significant role in the cigar industry. Like so many multi-generational cigar families, the Toraños have seen their share of hardship. The Toraño cigar story starts with Carlos Toraño’s grandfather, Don Santiago Torano, making his way to Cuba by way of Spain in 1916.

With the desire to provide clients with more complex tobacco blends, the Toraños traveled around the world sampling tobaccos from Ecuador, Colombia, Brazil, India, Jamaica, and more. In 1994 the Toraño family took the next logical step and began manufacturing cigars under their own brand. They wanted to ensure the quality and consistency of their cigars, so they opened up factories in Nicaragua and Honduras to produce Carlos Toraño cigars. Soon, these factories were also manufacturing premiums for Dunhill, CAO, Gurkha, and more.

Whatever your pleasure is, Carlos Toraño cigars offer you a way to get that and more.

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