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My Fathers

My Father Cigars started in 2008 by the Garcia family. On August 29th 2009 the “Garcia Family Industrial Park” (My Father Cigars) in Estelí, Nicaragua had its grand opening. The seven-acre complex houses the 9 buildings that make up My Father Cigars. All dedicated to an extremely well-planed tobacco industry process, never before seen in Estelí. The state of the art factory consists of over 1900 employees, all working with the tobacco from the time that it is harvested, to the time that it is packed and shipped out to  retailers. Jaime Garcia, President of the company, personally supervises all operations in Estelí to ensure that only the best tobacco is delivered to the consumer. The family achieved twelve lines of cigars and limited editions, all created by Jose Pepin Garcia and his son Jaime Garcia.
The My Father Cigars line has been rated top 25 cigars by Cigar Aficionado two years in a row and Flor de las Antillas, received the most acclaimed award in the cigar industry, The Best Cigar of the Year, in 2012.
The Garcia family and the employees of My Father Cigars have a commitment to continue providing their consumers the highest standards of quality in the cigar industry.
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