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Smoking just got even better

At Cigars Emporium we offer premium hand rolled cigars, tobacco, and accessories at wholesale prices, and delivery Nationwide (South Africa). With the widest selection of premium cigars from popular brands such as Ashton, Drew Estate, Casa Turrent, and many more...

Our favorites

& treat yourself to an Ashton

Ashton cigars are world-renowned classics synonymous with unparalleled quality, consistency and exquisite flavor. A cigar exists within the Ashton portfolio to satisfy nearly every profile favored by cigar lovers.

Rocy Patel Java

Simply breathtaking.
Rocky Patel is always a winner

Ranging in strength from creamy smooth, to bold and full bodied, there’s a Rocky Patel blend to suit every style of smoker and his or her budget. This includes his vintage cigar lines from 1990, 1992, 1999, considered by many to be the finest handmade premium cigars ever made.

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